Playing on Hyperborea

Hyperborea is a medium size game with approximately 200 players. More information about a few important components of our game are:
  • Questing
    Currenlty, we have 27 different quests for players of all levels. The quests are optional for players, but if you want to become a wizard, you need to solve a number of them.
  • Guilds
    Many different professions can be studied. Hyperborea offers a choice of many different guilds.
  • Hyperborean Gazette
    The local newspaper. Although "rag" might be a better term. This is a weekly newspaper, running on the Firedrake dating-system. Help Firedrake crunch out the weekly updates by visiting her office in town. You can volunteer to write articles for the gazette.
  • Lore's Office
    Lore is the keeper of the scrolls. He keeps track of everyone on the MUD, and compiles scrolls with interesting information.
  • Maps
    Adventurers draw maps of the lands through which their journeys take them. We have a selection online.
  • Area list
    Short descriptions of some of Hyperborea's areas.
  • Games
    Players and wizards can play board and card games like uno, chess, trivia, battleship and connect-4.
  • Boards
    Players and wizard share ideas and discuss game-related issues on bulletin boards. The board in the adventurers guild can be read via this page, but we are still working on this!
  • Finger
    Use the web-version of the finger-command to look up information about our players and wizards.