Hyperborea allows you to really let your character grow if you decide to join one of the guilds. Guild members get extra bonusses, but also extra penalties. Hyperborea currently has the following guilds:

  • Mage guild
    Mages rely heavily on the use of magic. Mages have very powerful attack spells.
  • Cleric guild
    Clerics are players who devote themselves to the religious life. This means that they will not be as strong as others, which results in the fact that they cannot wield powerful weapons or wear heavy armor. In their religious training, clerics will study advanced healing skills and the ability to conjure magical defenses.
  • Clown guild
    This bunch of good for nothing drunks have mastered the healing power of laughter, the evil power of mimes, and the art of a drunken brawl. Clowns may have a very complex mixture of defensive, offensive and healing spells of varying strengths, being a clown is no easy job.
  • Paladin guild
    The Paladin Guild are dual-class knights who are similar, yet different. The White Paladins follow light and must remain good. However the Black Paladins follow the dark and must remain evil. The guild has spells that aid in combat and have the ability to call a mighty steed to help carry their bounty.
  • Fighters guild
    Fighters lack the intelligence neccessary to use magic but make up for it with exceptional combat skills and superior physical ability.
  • Dragon guild
    Members of this guild possess the ability to shapeshift into a dragon's form. While in dragon form they have natural armor weapons and dragon attacks. While in human form they may call on some magical abilities, most importantly while in human form they can take care of all the business of living as a human, which is not possible as a dragon.