Quest Point system

On Hyperborea we currently have a quest point system in place. The purpose of collecting quest points is to gain Wizard status. You will be required to have gathered 85% of quest points available in order to be eligible for being wizzed. This system replaces our old system, in which a certain number of quests had to be completed. Of course, this was not quite fair as some quests are naturally more harder than others to complete.

Quest points are not the only reward you get for solving our quests though. Most quests also award a certain amount of experience points, which allow you to progress further in your levels and skills. And, of course, you will gain heaps of respect from the other players if you solve all our quests and thereby show to have excellent observational skills and a lot of persistence!

On the MUD, you can find out how many quest points can be gained by using the quest command. Typing quest with no arguments will provide you with a list of quests available, as well as some information on how many quest points you already have, and how many more you require to be eligible for wizzing. Using quest <quest number> will show you more specific information about the quest, including the quest points. This allows you to judge a quest's style (e.g. is it a "thinking"-quest, or a "fighting"-quest) before you even start it, as well as the difficulty of the quest.