Questing is an important activity on Hyperborea. Each quest is a puzzle that can only be solved by creative thinking and sometimes by hard battle.

More information about our quest point system can be found here.

The Bright object quest
The bright object quest can be solved anywhere on Hyperborea. Your objective is to find a bright object and break or destroy it. There is no recommended minimal level to attempt this quest.

Truth and Myth Tablets
Contradictions are strewn throughout history. Truth and myth have caused turmoil, strife, and death. Find the truth and myth tablets and pay respect to the Hyperborea Founders by allowing them to rid our world of these items.

Recommended Minimum Level: 20.
Location: In the mountains north of the plain.

Dragon Slayer
Have the smith make a Dragon Slayer for you.

Recommended Minimum Level: 20.
Location: North of the plain.

Save the Rain Forest
The Baldarian Rain Forest in southern Hyperborea is dying. No one knows why. Learned men have been sent to investigate but none have returned. Stop whatever is killing the rain forest!

Recommended minimum level: 14
Location : Rain Forest

Ancient Book Quest
There are two copies of the ancient book 'Treath Nan Minack'. Clive the Historian of Kernow Island believes Lord Tennet has one copy. The other copy has been hidden by the Druids. Clive would like to find the second copy of the book. Find the book and deliver it to Clive. Clive's house contains valuable information.

Recommended minimum level: 50
Location: Kernow Island

Minotaur Quest
Find an old man in the town of Edgewood and ask him about a
quest he has for you.

Recommended Level: 20
Location: Edgewood

Help Obliterator
Seek out Sir Obliterator and help him fulfill his quest.

Recommended Minimum Level: 5
Location: In the forest far north along the eastroad.

Volunteer for Dangerous Mission
Find the Captain of the Secret Police and volunteer for a dangerous mission.

Recommended Minimum Level: 15.
Location: In the deep forest.

Return the Walking Castle
Padrone is sad. He built a beautiful walking castle, but a gang of pirates stole it and now he cannot find it any more. Help him to get it back! You don't have to be big and dangerous to solve this quest, but it's always a good idea to bring a weapon and some armor...

Recommended Minimum Level: 8.
Location: On the plain.

Turn a frown upside down
A dastardly deed has been committed causing the biggest smile in Hyperborea great pain and suffering. Go right this wrong!

Recommended minimum level: 1
Location : Otto's Cottage

Seek Enlightenment
The path to true enlightenment is found through introspection.
Broaden your horizons - seek enlightenment.

Recommended Minimum Level: 10.
Location: Moab's Castle.

Loot Kantele's Snake Pit
Loot Kantele's snake pit.

Recommended Minimum Level: 10.
Location: On the plain.

Retrieve the Staff of Magus
The Staff of Magus is a magical object which can be used to control elemental magic for those who know how to use it. Retrieve it and bring it to the Archmagus in his Tower.

Recommended Minimum Level: 1
Location : South forest

Return the Orb of Vision
The Orb of Vision has been lost in the mountains. Find it and return it to its altar.

Recommended minimum level: 5
Location : In the mountains

Imgar's wand and ring
Imgar lost his ring and his wand. The wand is rumored to have broken in pieces. Fix the wand and find the ring. When that is done, pray for help. Ask an old man to help you get started.

Recommended minumum level: 3
Location : in the mountains

High Lord's Mission
The High Lord has mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth. To find rest he asks you to complete the secret mission he was on.

Recommended Minimum Level: 14.
Location: North of the desert.

Restore luck in Excelsia
The King of Excelsia is down on his luck. Find his lucky items, and perhaps order may be restored!

Recommended Minimum Level: 19.
Location: Go north on East road to find the path.

Mission from God
You are on a mission from God. Kill Satan and deliver his pitchfork to the Lord Almighty

Recommended Minimum Level: 18.
Location: In the ruins

Rescue the Princess
Rescue the Princess of Angmar.

Recommended Minimum Level: 20.
This is a multiple-player quest.
Location: In the ice caves.

Slay Wyrm of Arcanarton
Slay the Wyrm of Arcanarton, on the Isle of Mages. Only a very powerful adventurer can succeed in this quest

Recommended Minimum Level: 16.
Location: In the southern forest.

Break into Angmar's Treasury
No adventurer can call themself an adventurer if they haven't broken into Angmar's treasury!

Recommended Minimum Level: 15.
Location: In the fields near Fairhaven.

Retrieve Orc Slayer
Retrieve the Orc slayer from the orc fortress, and give it to Leo.

Recommended Minimum Level: 5.
Location: Orc Valley.

Perform Community Service
The mark of a truly great adventurer is generosity. The village is short on help, so help out by performing some act of community service.

Recommended Minimum Level: Any level.
Location: Village of Fairhaven.

Return a little girl to her mother
A little girl has gone missing, and her mother is distraught! Find the girl and return her!

Recommended Minimum Level: 20.
Location: The Northwest.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt
The mayor is going crazy trying to locate all the items that players and wizards have reported as lost! He is looking for an adventurous person to find these things for him and return them to the Fairhaven Lost and Found.

Recommended Minimum Level: 1
Location: Fairhaven.

Return the Wizard's Staff
A powerful staff was lost in the village of Mayfield.
The hobbits are deeply concerned with this matter, and would like to see the staff back in the hands of its owner.

Recommended Minimum Level: 20
Location: Town of Mayfield

The mystery of the 5 sculptures
True adventurers love to stick their nose into old ruins searching for glory and gold. But what can you do if no mystery is at hand? Visit the art gallery and help Umbroso, the gallery keeper, with his problem.

Recommended Minimum Level: 5
Location: Fairhaven